Online Talks on 12-18 Montessori Adolescent Community, by the Young People

Dear Montessori guides, communities, and associations and researchers,

I am writing to you all on behalf of all the young people (aged 12-18) at a Montessori community in the southern English woodlands, known as the Montessori Place
The Young People’s Community (YPC for short) is a group of 50+ students aged 12-18 who live and study together in this beautiful environment. I hope you don’t mind receiving this email, but I completely understand and sincerely apologise if you do not wish to receive this. 
In the YPC, we produce a musical performance every year that gets performed at the end of the term. It has been an amazing, successful experience for all of us in bringing everyone in the community together. For this year’s summer play, we are performing Matilda the Musical. To fund the cost of this play, we are hosting a series of presentations and discussions about our community, which we would love for you to join. 
The talks will be on the following six subjects – click on the links to view more detailed descriptions of each event, and if you wish to book tickets for individual events.

1) An introduction  –  Introduction to our community and what we do here.
2) Community Life – Our communal work includes catering for the school, horticulture, woodland management, and a wood workshop.
3) The 12-15-year-old’s experience    

4) The 15-18-year-old’s experience
5) Academic life at the YPC – how does a young person’s development tie into the community as a whole?
6) Our Vision – What’s our role in the Community? How Can we improve it? What is the graduate’s view on the YPC?
These subjects are all going to be explored through the eyes of young people, and we will be delighted to share our stories with you. The presentations are entirely organized and created by the young people who are learning about the Montessori philosophy and putting it into practice in our community – we have reflected on our values, hopes and aspirations for our community as well as the wider world when writing these.
Please have a look at this video trailer , which will give you a feel of what this talk might look like. If interested, please book the talks from here; the first talk begins on Tuesday the 23rd April, at 12pm British Time. We understand that this time may not suit everyone, therefore we will offer recordings to everyone who has bought tickets for the events. Furthermore, we will have a chance for a Q&A and discussion after every session.
If you would like to buy individual talks, please visit our Eventbrite page. If you would like to buy tickets for all six presentations, please fill in the following google form. (It is far cheaper this way)
Feel free to ask me any questions; I’d love to hear back from you! 
Please, please do share it with your friends and colleagues who might also be interested. The more people the better! Thank you so much for reading this email, we really appreciate your time.
With warmth and gratitude,
Bo (on behalf of the YPC)